Mette Saabye
Flower Pots and Lamp Shades


I am trained as a Goldsmith and Jewellery designer. For many years I have been intrigued by the challenge of making non precious materials look or become precious.  When I saw the Precious Plastic mashines on YouTube 2 years ago I knew I would love to build them, and see if the material could add something to my artistic work. The Danish ministry of culture had a 3 year plan with a focus on South Africa. One of my friends ( Mads Bille Bloch ) had moved to Cape Town working as a voluntary at the Beth Uriel. So I asked him if he would like to collaborate. In many ways it is the perfect combinations of many possibilities, and very much in line with the  philosophy of Precious Plastic/ Dave Hakkens. I got some money/funds from the Danish Ministry of Culture, enough to build a Shredder and an Extrusion machines here in Copenhagen and Mads, my partner in Cape Town, could build the same machines with the Boys, at Beth Uriel. At the Boys-home they try to teach the Boys/Young men, different skills to help them make a living on a long term. Around 13-15 boys participated in the workshop. I had prepared the wood tools that we used to make the flowerpots and the lampshades, and I taught the boys how to use them and make experiments with that technique. We talked about how to colour the plastic and make the products look beautiful. During The workshop we talked about how waste plastic end up in the stomach of animals, and how plastic is pollute the environment and that we all need to take action. So the idea is to creating beautiful and meaningful design objects, how to make something valuable out of trash. The driver is the fact that they can actually make money out of Trash. Then finely we met with a gardener who try to make a garden with the boys at Beth Uriel where they can use the flower pots and grow herbs and vegetables for their food. Now the Flowerpots are sold at the Kafe Mekasi in Cape Town (where the boys home is located ) and I make and sell them here in Copenhagen as well.