Mathery is the collaboration between Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli.
We help agencies and producers to bring ideas to life through Photography, Film Direction, Installation and Set Design. We have lived and worked in Italy, Australia, China and we are currently based in NY. Proving to further solidify the cohesion of our ideas, method and practice, our adventures have facilitated our adaptability of thought and quickness to action.  Our nontraditional approach to aesthetic always tells a story, allowing space for beauty and emotion to underpin our craftsmanship. Through experience we explore and celebrate, challenge and innovate! We provide full art direction and design services to businesses both large and small, pairing a unique aesthetic with care and thought. Both clients and ideas are carefully considered as imaginings are brought to life. Whilst Mathery’s concepts often display hints of an eccentric and romantic ideal, our commitment to process and functionality is evident.