Elisa Vendramin


Elisa Vendramin is an Italian designer and artist based between Reykjavik and Milano.
She plays with abstraction in digital collages, exploring the delicate balance between full and empty, aiming to capture those moods, atmospheres or emotions that are often hard to describe by words or by figurative illustration. Therefore she often refers to her practice as “visual poetry”.

In 2010 she graduated with a Master in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London). Since completing her MA, Elisa has been working on a freelance-basis with institutions such as The Nordic House (Reykjavik), The Science Museum of London as well as communication agencies like Brandever (Vancouver), Machas (London) and Ideificio (Milano).

Following a number of exhibitions in Paris, London and Reykjavík, she was appointed by The Association of Icelandic Visual Artist to complete two residencies in Reykjavík (2011). The same year she was also selected to participate at NES Artist Residency in Skagaströnd (Iceland). Recently she moved back to Italy where she keeps curating both personal projects, exhibited mostly through Atelier Olschinsky Art Store (Vienna), as well as commissioned ones for international clients like Atacama Invest (Chile), Hodder&Stoughton (UK), Wall&decò (Italia).


Elisa Vendramin è un’illustratrice italiana che vive e lavora tra l’Italia e l’Islanda.
Attraverso il collage digitale racchiude intuizioni e sensazioni in illustrazioni dal sapore astratto, poetico e personale, giocando con il delicato l’equilibrio che si instaura tra la complessità della composizione e lo spazio vuoto del foglio. Elisa descrive questo approccio come una forma di “poesia visiva”.

Dopo aver conseguito un Master in Communication Design presso Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London, 2010), Elisa comincia a collaborare con istituzioni culturali quali Science Museum of London e Nordic House (Reykjavik), nonchè lavora con agenzie di comunicazione tra le quali Brandever (Vancouver), Machas (London) and Ideificio (Milano).

Dopo un serie di mostre collettive a Londra, Parigi e Reykjavik, Elisa si trasferisce a Reykjavik dove viene selezionata per alcune residenze d’artista, tra cui SÍM International Residency (Reykjkavik) e NES Artist Residency (Skagaströnd). Dal 2013 ritorna in Italia dove continua a seguire progetti di ricerca personale, esposti per lo più presso l’Atelier Olschinsky Art Store di Vienna, e a collaborare con clienti internazionali quali Atacama Invest (Chile), Hodder&Stoughton (UK), Wall&decò (Italia).